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Accessible Sailing in Door County, Wisconsin
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SailAnyWay is all about Accessibility

Accessible Docks, Accessible Sailboats, Hoyer Type Lifts

SailAnyWay is a 100% volunteer driven non-profit organization that provides sailing opportunities for people with physical disabilities. Skipper Buds of Sturgeon Bay graciously donates slip space to us in their Quarterdeck Marina. We have installed a "Hoyer" type lift in the dock that allows us to lift sailors out of their wheelchairs and place them into our Cape Dory Typhoon sailboat. We race every Thursday night with the Sturgeon Bay Yacht Club's "TGIT" (Thank Goodness It's Thursday) races. We are typically able to handle two disabled sailors, and when space is available, one or more of their able-bod family or friends. There are no costs to the sailors other than they must find their own transportation to the parking lot at Skipper Buds. We will meet you in the parking lot with a nylon mesh sling and escort you in your wheelchair out to the dock where our sailboat is slipped. We will connect our lift to the sling and lift you out of your chair into the sailboat. We then go out onto the Sturgeon Bay shipping channel where we will race for 2-3 hours. When we are done we return to the dock, lift you out of the boat, back into your chair and then escort you back to the parking are.

Sailing is by reservation only and we do typically fill the two slots every Thursday night. Because we do fill we reserve the limited number of spots for people that would typically have a disability at the paraplegic or quadriplegic level. We have several sailors that have no arms and/or legs as well.

So, there is our story. It's as simple as that! If you are an (over 18) adult and have they level of physically disability mentioned above please contact us at SailAnyWay.  We begin with a phone conversation and then go from there.

Happy Sailing!





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Sailing Courses

SailAnyWay Instructors

All SailAnyWay instructors are volunteers. These folks will meet you in the parking lot at Skipper Buds, Sturgeon Bay or hopefully soon, in the Egg Harbor Marina. If you are here for an accessible sailing session and need assistance boarding the boat the Instructor will provide you with a sling to place under you in your wheelchair. We will also provide US Coast Guard approved life vests and then escort you to the boat. 

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Dan Niessen...

Transferring Aaron, a three year "veteran" of SailAnyWay into our Cape Dory Typhoon

construction_worker_custom_clipboard_16893Penny Niessen (Photo coming soon) "Volunteer"


Image of Mike

Better photo of Mike Stapleton coming soon (we hope :-)))


Photo and info on other volunteers for SailAnyWay coming soon!