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Instructor Info

SailAnyWay is seeking "Instructors" to develop and then present sailing related courses. More about this coming very soon. In the meantime, if you are a US Sailing certified instructor and would have an interest in participating in this project please go to the "Contact Us" page and drop us a line. We can fill you in on where we are at in this process and how you may participate.

More About Instructor Participation Coming Soon

As an Instructor on we work “with” you on developing course structure and content. That content will frequently include photos, videos and presentations. The video at left taken from our safety boat during a SailAnyWay accessible sailing session is an example of the type of “content” that would be included in a SailAnyWay course.

Most courses will follow the typical structure of a US Sailing course.

Access to Presentation Templates

We want to make this fun for students and instructors alike so we provide access to our subscription to great animation templates such as the one at left. Here we took a cookie-cutter animation and then modified a few words and then did a narration over the top. We will train instructors to how to access these templates, modify, narrate and then include as a course content item.

Online Course Software

As an Instructor your sailing courses will be placed on State-of-The-Art “LMS (Learning Management System) software. These applications include layered access to levels including Guest View, Student View, Instructor View and some admin access. The video to the left is an example of how Guest View access works.