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Donate to SailAnyWay

Donate Your Sailboat

Do you own the type of sailboat we can use in our program? We are actively on the hunt for a Sonar, Ideal 18, Pearson Ensign, Hunter 216, Hunter 22, Cape Dory Typhoon (Daysailer version) or another boat that has a full or weighted keel, is trailerable (just for seasonal in/out/storage) and has a huge cockpit with high sides. If you have a boat like this please contact us via the Contact Us page. If we can use the boat in our program the amount you can deduct is typically the “retail value” of the boat.

Donate Something We Can Sell

Craigslist is a wonderful tool for us. If you have something of value but simply don’t want to deal with selling it yourself we would be happy to take it off your hands. We will have a volunteer pick up the item and then we will sell the item, typically via Craigslist. After the item is sold we will send you an email receipt for the dollar amount of the sale so you can claim this amount as a deduction on your taxes.

Donate Gas Cards or Accessible Taxi Certificates

Some of our sailors drive. Some are “OK” financially and have no problem paying for gas. For others that is a different story. Most of our sailors come from Green Bay, Shawano and some even further away. We would like to help subsidize their gas expense by offering prepaid gas cards. If you would like your donation to go specifically for gas cards…

For those that cannot drive there are Accessible Taxi services that will stop at their homes, wheel them into the taxi/van, bring them to the sailing activity, and then reverse that process after sailing. If you would like your donation to go specifically towards Accessible Taxi….

We Accept Money 🙂

SailAnyWay is 100% volunteer. SailAnyWay sailors do not pay any fees to sail or race. We are a very, very low budget operation. That being said we still have some expenses such as insurance, boat repair, upgrading sails, etc.

A major issue for some of our sailors is transportation to our activities so if we can help them with gas cards or accessible taxi rides that would allow even more folks to participate. Your cash donation would go towards these activities. Simply click on the “Donate” button to where you will be directed to our secure MasterCard/Visa/PP page.