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Project List for SailAnyWay Volunteers

With any non-profit organization there are always tons of “projects”. It seems like every time you cross one off as done you need to add two more. The same holds true at SailAnyWay. Our first priority is always safety. After that it is comfort followed by fun. The video above depicts our list as of June 25, just after purchasing the Hunter 216. We have a number of items to do before the Hunter is ready for accessible sailing and then have some projects for the Cape Dory Typhoon in Sturgeon Bay and some dock related items.

EZ Pool Lift Installation

The EZ Pool Lift Project for Sturgeon Bay Dock

This project involves installing our new EZ Pool Lift manufactured by Aqua Creek. We received a grant last fall to purchase the $1,700 lift system. Now it’s time to install it. We will be replacing the existing engine lift used up to now.

Design and Build Adaptive Seating for Hunter 216

Design and Build Adaptive Seating for Hunter 216

We are very excited about our new (2003 model) addition to the SailAnyWay fleet. The boat is the Hunter 216, a 22′ leaded swing keel sailboat. The boat will be docked in the Egg Harbor Marina courtesy of the Village of Egg Harbor.

Before we can offer accessible sailing we need to build several adaptive seats. Without these seats people without lower body movement will literally slide off into the cockpit. There are a lot of criteria for the seats which you will see in the initial design video. As time goes on we will add more video clips with updates on the status, installation and testing of the seats. Stop back often.

The Lazy Jacks Projects (Hunter and Cape Dory Typhoon)

The Lazy Jacks Projects (Hunter and Cape Dory Typhoon)

Lazy Jacks are an absolute must for SailAnyWay sailing. When we need to drop the sails we need to do it quickly and we can’t have the sail or boom banging people in the head. Lazy Jacks are a system of lines and cables that gather the mainsail as it dropped and then also prevents the boom from dropping below head height. The Lazy Jacks run about $250 for each boat. The installation involves dropping the mast to drill holes and place stainless eyes at strategic locations. Dropping the mast on the Hunter is a non-issue since we should be able to do it right at the dock. On the Typhoon that is a different story as the older mast stepping systems are a little more complicated. In this set of videos we will cover the entire process.

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